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In the Beginning September 6, 2009

Posted by Audit Monkey in Working Life in Britain.

It is quite difficult knowing where to begin. I fear that if I blog in great detail about the past week, I suspect that I may be recognised by my current employer and to use a favourite phrase, ‘asked to leave’. Given that I have already been given a compulsory red card this year, I don’t wish to go through the rigmarole of attempting to find yet another position before the onset of winter. To use another favourite phrase that is embossed on the English psyche, ‘once would be an accident, twice would be careless’. Cue mass sniggering from the upper classes and much looking down one’s nose at those less fortunate.

At first, I will probably keep write about some of the events which occurred in my former employment, then migrate onto the current employment saga at a later date. I think this would be ‘prudent’ (yet another favourite term, this time from the ancient language of Accountese, which the guardians of the accounting world tried to banish some years ago) to avoid discovery. I have conferred with my former manager, let’s call him Biggins and he is willing provide some insights into Internal Audit and general managerial politik to bolster the blog. This will draw on our shared experiences when we worked together and should be illuminating.

It would also be advantageous to provide an overview of how internal audit works. I know this may be quite tortuous to those outside the profession but it may aid understanding of the future blog. [As at October 2013 I decided it would be too painful and removed the posts!]

Anyway, I think it is time to fast forward to my current bête noire and my favourite occupational hazard, recruitment consultants.


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