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Internal Audit Recruitment December 28, 2009

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.
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Due to encouragement from blogger ‘ITauditsecurity’, I’ve decided to keep the blog alive but in future, I will tend to focus on purely IA issues.

This post is in response to ‘ITauditsecurity’s’ lament regarding one, the low calibre of IT auditors on the market, despite the recession and second, those who offered employment, sometimes former audit managers, are reluctant to take up the cudgel and do some work, i.e. auditing.

Issue 1 – Low calibre of IT auditors. I don’t think this is a phenomenon to IT auditors as it is equally applicable to non-IT auditors (for want of a better phrase).  The evidence. I’ve worked with a few Charlatans previously, mainly from my days in public sector auditing. The skill level and output was quite shockingly low. The renumbering of the working papers to avoid performing certain tests must rank as the piece de resistance of ineptitude.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. From my discussions with ‘Yorkie’ (recruitment consultant) from Bandit Personnel during my summer interlude, he stressed that in terms of candidates ‘there was an awful lot of dross out there’. Fortuitously I wasn’t categorized as such.  Obviously, he may have been massaging my ego but it seems to ring true.

The other reason is structural. To obtain the relevant IT auditor qualification from the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors), QICA, you needed something in the region of 1600 hours of IT  audit experience. Realistically, this level of experience can only be obtained by working for one of the larger accountancy firms or similarly sized firms in the commercial sector, e.g. FTSE 100.  It doesn’t help that the IIA have stopped accepting registrations for QICA. Given the ever increasing reliance on computer systems and the internet in the financial sector, I would have thought the promotion of QICA by the IIA would have been paramount. This said, if QICA has been replaced, I’m happy to be corrected.

Issue 2 – Reluctance to Audit. Difficult one. At the heart of the problem is that firms often portray Internal Auditing as a ‘path into the business’. In my humble experience, these have been limited or non existent.  Faced with the prospect of more ticking and bashing until retirement, the natural progression or aspiration is ‘mangement’, which seems to mean delegating as much down to the subordinates as possible! More on this at another time.

Anyway to wrap this up on a Bank Holiday Monday, if you have been an audit manager, been made redundant and are required to ‘tick and bash’ in a new position, then I concur with ‘ITauditsecurity’, ‘tick and bash’ it has to be.


1. ITaudit - December 29, 2009

It seems the new certification is from ISACA, the CISA. Although I don’t have it, almost every auditor I’ve interviewed (good and bad) has it. So in my mind, it doesn’t mean anything other than the ability to pass an exam.

On the other hand, I’m working toward it. In my neck of the woods, it’s kind of required. Despite my experience, I’m been passed over because I don’t have it, even though I have the experience.

I am dreading the new auditors that I’ve hired to start soon. I’ll report back on my blog as to how it goes…

I’ll be watching for more from you, A-Monk. Looking forward to it.

2. ITaudit - January 17, 2010

An update from my earlier comment re: new auditors hired.
My dread was well-placed. They are stumbling along poorly, even after a full week’s training on how this company audits.

You won’t believe this, but my main complaint is that, even after being reminded several times, they neglect to look at last year’s audit before asking me questions.

Generally, they show inability to follow simple instructions, verbal and written. Next week should be better…I am tired of this dross!

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