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More New Year Blues January 12, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in Working Life in Britain.

This time, not me but Biggins, my former manager. Biggins isn’t happy is his current role as it is not getting him further up the ‘Greasy Pole’ towards the coveted role of ‘Head of Internal Audit’. We had a lengthy chat. It transpires that Biggins’ current role isn’t as managerial or strategic as he would like as he is being asked to do some very middle management type tasks, e.g. rewriting audit reports, which he used to do in his formative years.

Issue 1. It is difficult, nigh impossible, to transfer the kudos and reputation at one’s previous employer to the new. Let’s face it, one starts afresh and has to rebuild the reputation, unless you are well-known in the sector or industry.

However what unnerved me is how Biggins started reassessing the past and extolled the virtues of some of my former colleagues, which brings me to ‘Issue 2’. Some of my former colleagues were good, but not that good. This said, if your current team is ropy, one will tend to hanker for the days when life was easier and more comfortable. Yet to get on, you often have to move out of the comfort zone to unfamiliar ground.

Issue 3. We don’t always have linear careers and a continual upwards trajectory. Sometimes we ‘tread water’ at a firm as it isn’t what we anticipated, doesn’t meet our expectations until the appropriate moment arises for a swift exit. Unfortunately, especially in these recessionary times, it is a waiting game and a trial of patience.


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