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Top Ten Bad Jobs January 27, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in Working Life in Britain.
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I’m sitting here in reflective mood thinking what the ‘Top 10’ worst possible jobs could be. Here’s my list.

10. Internal Auditor
9. Internal Auditor
8. Internal Auditor
7. Internal Auditor
6. Internal Auditor
5. Internal Auditor
4. Internal Auditor
3. Internal Auditor
2. Internal Auditor
1. Internal Auditor. Sorry, late correction, Senior Internal Auditor.

You can tell I’m having a bad time at the moment. I’ve got a ‘never-ending’ audit on the go at the moment which simply won’t die. Even Mr.’Personal Development Man’ (the HR Training-CPD bod) said ‘I wasn’t smiling lately’. The only amusing thing that happened today was the clearly, blatantly ‘not yet out’ Compliance Officer inviting me to join him on the next ‘Compliance-Internal Audit’ mission to the off-shore subsidiary. I never knew Compliance and Internal Audit worked that hand in glove. To top it all, even the larger, more rotund girls in the office seem to be more attractive of late. I even have Mika’s ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’ on a continuous loop going around in my head.

Yep, things must be bad.

Post script – apologies if the blog is becoming salacious. I wouldn’t worry, looking at the stats no-one reads it!


1. ITaudit - January 28, 2010

Hey auditmonkey,
I’m reading it! I like your blog!

I had to look sa⋅la⋅cious up.
1. lustful or lecherous.
2. (of writings, pictures, etc.) obscene; grossly indecent.

I don’t think it’s becoming such. Stay the task!

Aren’t you getting any traffic from the link on my site? I’m going to write a post in the next couple days based on this post of yours….

I like readers too, but I write first because I enjoy it and it keeps me sharp and thinking. It helps me organize thoughts and produce. Having lots of readers is just gravy, right?

2. Top 10 Bad Jobs « ITauditSecurity - January 29, 2010

[…] gave me a good chuckle. Check out the rest of his post here. The only job that is worse is a senior internal auditor that is hiring and managing IT audit […]

3. ITaudit - February 20, 2010

Hey AM,
Just thought I’d tell you that since I stole this post of yours for my blog, it’s my 3rd highest read post (not counting Home page hits and my About page hits).

I’m so glad you kept the blog going. Got any other good stuff I can steal?

On my blog, of course, I admit I stole this from you (as well as the Quote of the Week idea), so you should be getting some traffic from that.

I appreciate your inspiration!

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