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Quote of the Week, W/E 12 Feb 2010 February 12, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in Quote of the Week.

Before I announce this week’s quote, a couple of gems courtesy of the London Evening Standard. Quote one.

“Mr Darling,…in a speech in Edinburgh today said…“In the last two years, experience and judgment have mattered. David Cameron and George Osborne have shown little evidence of either”.”

Forgive me but hasn’t public spending has been allowed to spiral out of control, major British firms allowed to fall under foreign control (thereby repatriating profits aboard) and a housing-credit bubble allowed to balloon with the resultant banking melt down under successive Labour Chancellors?

Quote two. With reference to the conviction of Lakhvir Singh this week for the murder of Lakhvinder Cheema by lacing his chicken curry with poison (monkshood for the toxicologists out there).

“Before he died, Mr Cheema, known as Lucky (sic), told doctors he was convinced Singh had poisoned him. A month earlier,…he [had] survived a previous attempt to poison his food, and he remembered the symptoms”.

Surely a better nick name would be have been ‘Not so Lucky’? If you survived one attempt of poisoning, surely you don’t back for a second helping?

And finally, this week’s quote. In response to a question put to the IT Security Team to explain why access rights to a new system had been poorly defined by users in business.

“Because we employee idiots.”

Quite. Anyway, I’m off for a Vindaloo…


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