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Quote of the Week, W/E 19 Feb 2010 February 20, 2010

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This week’s quote doesn’t originate in the office but a chance encounter in the Underground at Victoria Station. I bumped into Nigel Lawson, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer as I was walking through the ticket hall on Thursday evening. Of course, it was opportunity for a brief conversation – it’s not every week you meet one of people who shaped the British political and economic landscape in the 1980’s.

With reference to the current state of the British economy, I said, “There’s only one thing I can say, it’s a pity you aren’t in charge!”

Nigel laughed and replied:

“It’s a mess isn’t it.”

Quite. I don’t think that the majority of the British people realise the dire straits the government’s finances are in as the numbers border on the incomprehensible. The correction is going to be painful. The famous ‘car-crash waiting to happen’ analogy will no doubt crop up in the media and polite conversation. The populus is being conditioned into expecting a rise in VAT to 20%. We are being softened up with gentle reminders that we’ve had it good as the UK has the lowest VAT rate in the EU.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘doublethink’ plays it’s self out in the coming months before the General Election. This is assuming of course, that I don’t succumb to ‘election fatigue’ beforehand.


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