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Quote of the Week, W/E 26/02/10 February 27, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in Quote of the Week, The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.

Well it’s been a horrendous week at work. The usual saga. I’ve been asked to audit an area which has been reviewed before. The previous working papers are reasonable but not fantastic. I also find reading procedure notes for area or process under review a rather dull activity as invariably the procedures will be out of date, incomplete, lack detail, etc.

I’ve been contemplating a change of career. I even looked at Daltons Weekly online edition to explore the possibility of running my own business. The ‘best option’ seems to be running a Fish and Chip shop in Rochdale. Of course, a lot of businesses are up for sale due to lack of demand, creditors at the door and proprietors bailing out before the use of the internet erodes traditional means of distribution. Admittedly selling cod and chips online may be challenging but I’m sure one can appreciate the sentiment.

However, could I change career? I’m not convinced personally and think I’m lumbered. Let’s face it, ‘auditors are masters of everything but nothing’.


1. ITaudit - February 28, 2010

Are you tinkering with the idea of becoming a Fish Monkey? At least at your place, they’d change the deep fry oil once in a while!

I’ve changed careers a couple times and found it difficult, but fortunately they were more closely related than audit and fish.

I like to think that “auditors are masters of value-add.” In other words, we can suggest better ways of doing almost anything. I know, sounds like IIA-speak, but for good auditors, I think it’s true.

If you open the fish shop, make sure we can order online so I can get some back in the states.

2. Audit Monkey - February 28, 2010

Don’t worry, not going to become ‘Chip Monkey’ anytime soon. With declining stocks of cod in the North Sea, cod and chips could be consigned to history. Doubt I can change careers but I’m finding the current role ‘challenging’ for various reasons.

Funnily enough, when I sat my ACCA Paper 6, there was a question regarding the internet and the impact on B2B, B2C relationships. One limitation is that some goods and services can’t be provided online very well, e.g. fresh food delivery, haircuts, etc.

Digressing, you never replied to my private e-mail to you!

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