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General Election Night Blog – As it Happens Midnight to 2.00am May 6, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.

01.59 Mood on ITV is different. Tom Bradby, the Political Editor, reckons Britain will be at the Polls again within the next 18 months and Labour aren’t a spent force. I could be a spent force though; time for a caffeine fix.

01.49 I reckon the Beeb are having problems interpreting swings in vote in different constituencies to the overall result. They’ve had this issue before in previous General Elections and had to abandon the swing’ometer.

01.43 Tootin’ is just abat to declare! Sorted! Labour hold. The Labour crew in the Hall are shoutin’ “Yes we Khan”, drawing on Obama’s phrase and the Labour candidate’s surname. You gotta luv’ London humour! However, the Conservatives have gained Battersea.

01.39 Noticeable change of mood. Gordon Brown was rather sombre at the declaration in his constituency and there is the sense that the election victory has slipped away.

01.29 David Blunkett (former Labour Cabinet Minister) concedes that the Conservatives have won the General Election.

01.14 Conservatives hold Putney. No surprise.

01.08 Paddy Ashdown,”Your opinion poll is rubbish Jeremy!”, especially after the Conservatives gain Kingswood. Still too early to call as the Lib. Dems have retained Torbay.

01.05 The Conservatives may have taken Basildon South. If this is the case, I reckon the Conservatives could have a majority.

00.45 Mmm. Belfast East. Alliance Party takes the DUP seat. My prediction of a Conservative and DUP coalition doesn’t look as likely if the Conservatives do not achieve a slim majority.

00.40 The Polling Station fiasco is likely to be the defining moment of this campaign. Polling stations running out of ballot papers, voters not on the roll, lack of proper cut off at 10.00pm (by allowing voters to vote). The Doris (Jenny Watson) from the Electoral Commission is claiming the voting system is from the Victorian era and dated, designed for 5 million enfranchised voters. Nick Robinson, however, rightly notes, we never had these problems in earlier elections and she is talking poppycock. I just hope that any breakdowns are attributable to electoral fraud.

00.30 Interesting news from Brighton Pavillion. The Greens are confident they have taken the seat. This will be the first ever seat for the Green Party in the UK. We’ll gloss over the fact the count hasn’t begun…

00.25 High turnout in B’ham Egbaston, so a delayed declaration. Just to correct my earlier post, the Hackney sit in was at a Polling Station, not the actual location of the count.

00.14 The Beeb has a ship load of Luvvies on the Thames on a boat. Joan Collins has so much war paint on she looks like Morticia Addams. Indeed, news is a bit thin on the ground…

00.05 Peter Hennessy, Constitution Expert on the likelihood of a Hung Parliament and interview of The Queen: “The Queen is a bit like Heineken lager; she reaches parts of the Constitution others don’t reach!” Love it.


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