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British General Election ‘Result’ May 7, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.
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Well, my prediction looks like it won’t happen (Conservative slim majority or a deal with the DUP). As the media predicted, it’s a Hung Parliament. Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems look like they will hold the balance of power. Given that the pound is sliding against the dollar, he better be PDQ. Anyway, I know everything bangs on about proportional representation being more equitable but even under First Past The Post, the minority parties are going to decide the final outcome.

If David Cameron is unsuccessful in forming the next government, I think he will have to shoulder some of the blame for the Conservative campaign. As I’ve commented previously, if the political parties had been more honest and forthright with the electorate, their arguments and policies may have been more credible and this would have been reflected in the vote.

Last comment on one matter I didn’t pick up on in its entirety last night, the Luvvies on the Boat in the Thames, a celebrity bash and alcoholic beverages paid for by the Beeb and by Licence payers like myself. Sure, the boat party may have been a drop in the ocean in terms of the Beeb’s overall budget but as Audit Monkey’s father says,”drink always tastes better when someone else is paying for it”. Quite

Anyway, some reassurance for my two blog readers. I’ll be dropping the General Election posts and reverting back to blogging about Audit. Something to look forward to!


1. Richard - May 7, 2010

That boat annoyed me aswell. Is anyone really interested in the musings of a half cut Kirstie Allsop!? I couldn’t help thinking that a Marchioness-style fiasco would have livened up proceedings a bit. At least Dimbleby et al could have had a break from the pointless speculation and filling whilst they were waiting for the results to come in. Or is that a bit harsh?

Still, it was the most interesting election for a long time and I can’t remember actually wanting to stay up and watch one of these unfold since 92. Seeing the look on Jacquie Smith’s face as she was punished for her expenses outrage was worth the price of admission alone. And the fun continues with a hung parliament so it’s not over yet folks.

Audit Monkey - May 8, 2010

Well it sounds you lasted longer than me into the early hours. Indeed, there was a lot of pointless speculation, probably caused by the amateurish way elections are conducted in the modern era. As I’ve mentioned previously, why an earth do I put two ballot papers, one for Parliament and another for local elections in the same ballot box, which then have to be unfolded, separated and manually counted? Why didn’t we use electronic counting across the board as I did for the London mayoral elections?

In conclusion, I think Jenny Watson, she from the Electoral Commission may to right to conclude that the whole voting system needs to reassessed.

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