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General Election Night Blog – As it Happens 2.00am onwards… May 7, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.
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03.30 It is unclear what the result will be. Time will tell.

03.20 I love Paxo’s style of questioning. To Liam Fox (Conservative). “It’s 3.20am in the morning. Can I have a straight answer to a question – will you do a deal with the Lib Dems?”

03.06 As David Dimbleby on the Beeb notes, there does seem to be little drama in this election, probably as it is proving so inconclusive at this point. Even I was looking forward to some ‘ooohs and arrrs’ but these are strangely absent.

02.59 I’m going to call it a night in a moment but some thoughts. If David Cameron doesn’t win an overall majority, some blame can be apportioned to him for not being bold enough in his criticism of the incumbent government and having a decentralist policy agenda which didn’t chime with the electorate.

02.56 Conservatives gain Broxtowe but the swing isn’t great.

02.50 Recount in Birmingham Edgbaston but looking like a Labour hold. Looking increasingly like a Hung Parliament.

02.42 The Conservatives don’t take Somerton & Frome from the Lib. Dems, but lose Eastborne. The Lib.Dems retain Eastleigh but lose Harrogate to the Conservatives. The variations appear to have no consistency per se. The Lib. Dem gains/losses seem to be neutral while Labour is losing seats to Conservatives.

02.35 It’s all happening on Sky. Alastair Campbell is having a pop at the press for being bias against Labour. Kelvin McKenzie thinks the Labour Party should be writing a cheque to Rupert Murdoch for all the support from News International over the years! You gotta laugh!

02.26 Basildon South. Conservative gain this seat but lose in Bolton Northeast. Curious and curiouser.

02.23 Lembit Öpik, famous for his association with one of the Cheeky Girls, has just popped up in Montgomeryshire. Wondered where he had got to. Well he won’t be popping up much more as he has lost his seat. Now that is cheeky!

02.19 Vale of Glamorgan. Conservative gain from Labour. Looks like it will go to wire.

02.14 Two Conservatives gains from Labour, Loughborough and Aberconwy. And a recount in Broxtowe!

Right, 02.02am. Results coming in thick and fast. Labour retain Exeter.


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