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Politics, By Politicians, For Politicians May 10, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.
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Well you couldn’t make it up.  Gordon Brown has resigned but only as the Labour Leader, not as Prime Minister. Apparently, Nick Clegg, Leader of the Lib. Dems has been negiotating in secret with the Labour government to form a Lib-Lab pact, even though they commenced discussions with the Conservatives.

One politician, now retired, for whom until I had little time or respect, Dr.John Reid, commented publically today which we all know, that a Lib Lab pact is fanciful as it would require the support of the minority parties such as the Scottish Nationals in a ‘Grand Coalition’.  Of course, the Conservatives are reluctant to concede to Lib Dem demands on a change from First Past The Post (FPTP) to Proportional Representation (PR) and Nick Clegg have effectively called the Tories bluff by approaching the Labour Party. What does this tell you?

Two things actually. The Tories are so desparate for power they will concede on fundamental issues.  Second, the Lib Dems are so desparate for power, they wish to change the electoral system so they will hold balance of power in all future elections.  Another incidental point, Gordon Brown has now proven how petulant he really is, especially after ‘Bigot Gate’ (when some tried to gloss over it saying it was an inadvertent slip) that he will contrive to scupper the coalition process between the Liberals and Conservatives and alter the Constitution without consulting the British public. I wouldn’t mind, but Gordon Brown had hardly mentioned changes to the electoral system by advocating Alternative Vote prior to the General Election. If anything, it proves we need a written Constitution rather than let the politicians rig the rules as they go.

I think the whole episode stinks. The expenses scandal proved MP’s are running the system for themselves and this episode seems to prove irrespective of principles the Leaders of these political parties may have had, they are prepared to compromise these to obtain or retain power. Seems pointless voting in a sense as the politicians are craving it among themselves. Machiavelli would love it.


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