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You What? The ‘British’ Olympic Mascots May 19, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.

Well as the two regular readers of my blog will have noticed, I haven’t posted of late, mainly because I’ve been stuffing my mattress full of fivers and tenners before the budget on the 22 June.  However, the hiatus has been broken by the unveiling of the ‘British’ Olympic Mascots. After the fiasco of the 2012 logo, I would have thought the top graphic designers in the UK would have pulled it out the bag to restore the balance. But no, we produce something so cack handed only the intelligentsia will ‘geddit’.  What do we get? Two tooth paste tubes Cyclops.  Just great.  Words fail me.

British-Olympic-Mascots“You gotta be kidding me…”


1. Coe: 2012 mascot is based on stadium steel (AP) | Sports Headlines Today - May 19, 2010

[…] You What? The 'British' Olympic Mascots « Auditmonkey's Blog […]

2. Richard - May 20, 2010

lol – its the nuclear accident telly tubbies!

3. Finding & Hiring the Perfect Accountant or Auditor | degree at home - May 23, 2010

[…] You What? The 'British' Olympic Mascots « Auditmonkey's Blog […]

4. missdisplaced - October 15, 2010

It would be SO funny if they were the featured aliens on a Doctor Who episode.
I can see it now. The Doctor tackles one, rips off the ‘costume’ only to find… exactly the same thing underneath.

The blue one looks like he peed his pants.

5. Fatima - May 23, 2012

LOL ..
Hello Auditmonkey .. am new reader … i like your thoughts and the way you express them .. good luck 🙂

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