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Where Does One Go? What Does One Do? May 26, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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Right, no more political posts or State of the Nation posts for the moment. Back to our ‘favourite’ topic, Internal Auditing. 

Bit worried about the future this evening.  My current contract is on the home stretch but I’m not quite sure where the next job is going to come from.  The current run rate doesn’t bode well.  I’ve had one interview recently but never received any feedback, either from the firm or recruitment agency.  For another position I applied for with a well-known accountancy practice, I received an electronic rejection (don’t you just love the personal touch…) and didn’t get past first base.

Not much of a Plan B at present. I could expand my current circle of recruitment agencies but this can be self-defeating as frequently the same agencies will be recruiting for the same position, especially in the incestuous market which is Internal Audit.  Ooh, before anyone writes in and suggests firms, the interview process for Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf is some 4 hours.  Four blessed hours just to get the opportunity to tick and bash!  And you wonder why my motivation is taking a knock!

Audit Monkey, Somewhere in Limbo, London, Late May 2010.


1. ITauditSecurity - May 31, 2010

Audit Monkey,
I’ve always considered an electronic rejection (as long as it’s timely) better than no response. At least you know where you stand (or in this case, in which firm you won’t).

I get amused when I get an email rejection so many months later I forgot I even applied there.

Have you keep your social network up-to-date? A simple email or phone call to let your contacts know you’re looking for work can often turn up leads. I always tell my contacts, if you don’t know of any opportunities that fit my skills, who can you connect me with who might?

Good luck, my friend.

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