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Working in the Less Salubrious Parts of London. June 7, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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Right, I’ve really had enough. Bored to tears today. Was canvassed by two different recruitment consultants today about 2 audit jobs in the less glamorous parts of South London. To give you a cryptic clue as to the location, I don’t really fancy being an Internal Auditor at Lunar House reviewing asylum claim files.

Admittedly, I jest but one minute I’m in ‘The City’; pulsating, cosmopolitan and lively. The next minute, I’m being relegated to the suburbs where economic activity is at best, turgid and the lifestyle equally so. I feel like I’m already being put out to grass. But this is all I’m being offered, one minute on the up escalator, the next on the down.

Apologies but all the recruitment consultants want is a quick, easy placement and with not too much regard to the individual candidate’s career aspirations. I wish I could get out of Internal Audit but there seems to be no escape…


1. ITauditSecurity - June 8, 2010

Even recruiters hate themselves…

The key to working with recruiters is to remember that they “find people for jobs, not jobs for people.” It doesn’t make you feel any better, but it helps to understand why they treat you the way they do.

Hang in there, AM, and keep swinging (your bat, not from the trees).

2. Audit Monkey - June 8, 2010

Fair point but one feature I dislike about the London recruitment market is how constrained it is by recruitment agencies. Very few, if any firms recruit direct, which is depressing as it does not allow for open competition for positions. As you correctly note, recruitment consultants will push individuals towards roles which they think are suitable for the candidate but the candidate may think the contrary. Anyway, just watching Newsnight (while I type) regarding the gigantic hole in the public finances, I won’t have much room to be too picky in the future. The economy isn’t looking terribly good.

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