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Quote of the Week – W/E 23 July 2010 July 25, 2010

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This week’s quote comes from the author of this blog.  The following episode will provide humongous clues as to who Audit Monkey is within the London Internal Audit industry but hey ho, this was an unforgettable moment. This week I had an interview at a well-known investment bank.  Audit Monkey’s friends think I’m the ‘Daddy’ when it comes to interviews as because I’ve had so many (bad), but at least I now know what to say (good). Unfortunately the interview didn’t go terribly well. The interviewer (and my possible future boss)  persisted to labour a point arising from an early question, no doubt hoping to illicit the correct response from me and ensure I knew my subject matter. For whatever reason, I wasn’t too forthcoming.  The subsequent question was so open-ended I opted for the ‘obvious’  answer but  the subsequent ‘drilling down’ for detail by the Interviewer seemed obtuse and I replied with an equally abstract answer. At this point the interviewer looked down the CV and made an observation that my experience wasn’t entirely in banking, to which I concurred and said “No”. The use of the n-word in an interview (especially in the wrong context), is a bit of a no-no as it quickly becomes associated with the candidate as it has negative connotations. It was evident that the antipathy between the Interviewer and candidate was growing. I suspect the antipathy was present from the outset. I was asked another question and I came out with a bland reply.  My vague reply was criticised and I couldn’t see that there was much point continuing.  So there was only one thing left for me to say….“I think we’ll leave it there”, got up and left. “So Audit Monkey, please could you stay until the end of the first question”.


1. Richard - July 26, 2010

Well your winning streak of being the interview Daddy had to end at some point. Top marks though for walking out with a “I’ll get my coat” type comment. If it was going that badly you wouldn’t have wanted the job anyway because don’t forget you have to work with these people and if you can’t get on for an hour or so interview then 40 hours a week is going to be painful…

2. Audit Monkey - July 26, 2010

Quite. That very thought went through my mind as I was being grilled. If they adopt an aggressive stlye during the interview, and this is indicative of the management style and culture from 9 to 5 (and the rest), then do you really want the job ‘that’ bad?

In truth, probably not as I don’t want to be treated as the sh*t on your shoe on a daily basis. Being an Internal Auditor is sufficiently crummy without your Boss being belittling.

Funnily enough the Interviewer was apologetic as I left the premises but I had made up my mind.

3. itauditsecurity - July 30, 2010

Cheers for one of my favorite monkeys!

Reminds me of 2 former interviews:

1) I was offerred a job paying $5K less than I was currently making. When I noted this, I was told, “We offer free drinks and snacks all day.” After I stopped laughing, I said, “Do you know how much I’d have to consume to make up the salary difference.?” (More than $60/day by my count).

2) I told a CIO of a company that was aquiring our company and offerring me a job in the new company that I could not work for him. When he asked why, I said, “Because I see that you want YES-men as employees, and I would frustrate you daily.” The look on his face was priceless. I went on to join another company for an extra $5K, which was good in those days.

AM, stick to your guns. You’ll find work! In the meantime, keeping blogging. I love your stuff.

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