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Quote of the Week – W/E 3 September 2010 September 6, 2010

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It is an opportune time to resurrect quote of the week while I reflect on my search for permanent or temporary employment in the Metropolis. During a conversation with a certain recruitment consultant regarding the possible placement of myself at a Top 4 Bank in the UK, it was mentioned in passing that the agency had recently placed a candidate with “a better education” than myself in one of the more prestigious teams at the forementioned banks.

So does one infer because I haven’t been to Public School I should crawl back to the gutter from whence I came? It does beggar belief that class based elitism is still rife in British society. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve just shelled out £30 for a posh frame to shove my FCCA certificate in but evidently this qualification doesn’t count for much.


1. Richard - September 8, 2010

Heh – reminds me of the time I went for a graduate job at one of the big 4. One of my fellow interviewees asked me where I was from. “Epsom” I replied. “I’ve got some chums who went to Epsom College – maybe you know them?” was the response. As I wasn’t an old boy from that minor public school but merely a graduate from the cack local comp I knew the gig was up and if I knew then what I know now I would have walked out there and then. For some reason though I stuck it out and had a pointless afternoon trading Lego bricks with the public school boys (I kid you not- that really was the interview process) under the beady gaze of an HR bint. Needless to say no job offer was forthcoming. My conclusion? Some jobs are reserved for the “right type of person” and if that ain’t you then there is nothing you can do about it.

2. Audit Monkey - September 9, 2010

I am sorry to hear you weren’t from the correct stable. One gem I heard from a recruiter today was a certain accountancy firm (Moore Stephens for the avoidance of ambiguity) is very picky when it comes to candidate selection, the overtone being that one has to have the correct background and breeding to be considered for a position in the first instance.

This reminds me, I should publish details of my ‘job’ search, as well as ‘feedback’ from recruiters in due course.

3. ITauditSecurity - September 19, 2010

Poor managers hire people like themselves so they aren’t challenged by “outsiders” and don’t have to manage “undesireables.” In other words, these types of managers have low self confidence and don’t want to grow or change.

Keep your chin high!

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