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Giv’ Us A Job. October 4, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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Apologies for the lack of activity on the blog but I’ve been spending time and effort trying to secure a job without much success. Some observations and experiences from the job hunt with hassle factor included.

1) I am frequently canvassed about the same vacancy by several different recruitment agencies. It is interesting to note that some agencies are Road Runner-esque with the rapidity at which they contact me, whereas their competitors are akin to Wile E. Coyote. Duplicate applications to firms smacks of desperation and snarls up the recruitment process.

Hassle factor: 2/10.

2) One agency had the audacity to contact me after an absence of some 9 to 10 years with an expectation I’d roll over, graciously accept the position they were touting, irrespective of the inaccessibility of client’s premises in relation to my own dwelling and poor standing in the market. If only recruitment was that easy.

Hassle factor: 3/10.

3) Recruitment agencies can be very poor providing feedback on my applications. There have been several instances were I have learnt second-hand that vacancies for which I had applied have been filled. Best not live one’s life in expectation.

Hassle factor: 7/10.

4) Clients are being extremely pernickety as to whom they appoint and are frequently watching the bottom line. Anecdotally, firms are opting to appoint newly qualifieds over experienced yet more expensive hands.

Hassle factor: 6/10.

5) Agencies have an expectation that I will relocate at the drop of hat, irrespective of my own financial or personal circumstances, or the salary being paid. Remember the golden rule of auditing, never assume!

Hassle factor: 5/10.

6) The phantom application. Now this is funny. I approached a firm direct regarding a vacancy only to discover that my CV had been submitted by AN Other Agency and rejected. AN Other Agency denied all knowledge of submitting my CV to ‘their’ client, much to my bewilderment. Anyway, no great loss as I obtained the feedback first hand from HR on this occasion rather from a third-party.

Hassle factor: 9/10.

7) Client Prevarication. I have had a potential employer renege on a second interview and go out back to the market for new candidates. Ironically I do have some sympathy for the recruitment firm in this instance as there is only a finite number of suitably qualified or experienced internal auditors in the market place. There is only so much ‘candidate searching’ and ‘head hunting’ recruitment agencies can do given the structure of the market unless the client is offering an absurdly high salary to entice candidates away from ‘steady’ jobs.

Hassle factor: 10/10.

So what can we conclude from all this? Simple, the employment market is dire. The usual suspects abound. Media talk of a double dip recession is making firms reticent about recruiting. The VAT increase scheduled for 1 January 2011 doesn’t help either. If anything, the internal audit market is worse than this time last year and the ‘autumn bounce’ in new vacancies expected by the recruitment firms has not occurred.

And if you don’t believe me, I was on the phone to Amjad, a friend in the auditor community and he concurs. Amjad hasn’t had a call from a call from a recruitment agency in the past 6 weeks and is relocating to the Middle East to work. Certainly things aren’t looking good…


1. ITauditSecurity - October 8, 2010

I hate recruiters. Such a meat market, and you and I are the meat. It’s a sick relationship, but what do you do?

I also have been called about the same job from multiple sources, but I really hate it when I’m told I was submitted, but found out from HR that the recruiter lied as HR never heard of me.


p.s. Are you forgetting your MORE tag? This post and the one after it….I do it all the time.

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