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Job Hunt Update – Looking Bleak October 7, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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Disappointed today as I wasn’t successful in being offered a position after a second interview. The reason offered was that, “I wouldn’t fit into their organisation”. This is always much better than “HR didn’t like you as you wouldn’t smile and pander to the HR rep in the interview, irrespective of your pathological dislike for HR officers as they are usually pretty clueless and vain”. Well, at least I still have my sense of humour.

However, the more worryingly the question is “where do I go from here?” I’m worried that I am beginning to run out of firms. Here’s the stats.

So far I’ve gone for 33 positions since June 2010, had 8 interviews and been rejected, 11 immediate rejections from the initial CV screening, and for 8 positions I’ve received no feedback.

For 2 of the positions where feedback wasn’t forthcoming, I learnt from third parties that the vacancies had been filled. Another firm wasn’t going to be recruiting afterall.

I’ve 6 applications in the queue so to speak. Interestingly for 2 of these, I’ve applied direct to try to take the situation into my own hands and have more control. Incidentally, applying direct to employers is a saga as you have to be web literate to navigate through the firms’ HR portals to concoct hacker proof passwords and user ids which you will never use again.

Of course, the irony is being an Internal Auditor is a rotten job, the insults, no-one really likes you for being there, asking awkward or silly questions and a general pain in the backside. In light of this, it does beg the question why I’m banging my head against brick wall and not seeking an alternative.


1. Richard - October 8, 2010

Tough gig mate. Try not to get disheartened. When you get a job you’ll be looking back whistfully at your time off.

It might be worth getting a profile uploaded onto linkedin. I got my current position through linkedin and have been approached about other jobs simply by having an online presence. Get a profile, link to old colleagues to expand your network, and have a look at any posted vacancies.

And good luck mate!

2. ITauditSecurity - October 8, 2010

We do it cuz we like to eat. Hang in there, bud, and keep blogging.

3. Audit Monkey - October 10, 2010

“We do it cuz we like to eat”.

An incisive comment! But in truth, I’ve had my fill of auditing and auditors. Staying in the profession doesn’t look too rosy especially when I’ve met Heads of Audit who are in their 50’s, as they always look washed out and washed up.

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