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Quote(s) of the Week WK/E 06/05/11 May 6, 2011

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Since we haven’t had Quote of the Week for several weeks, nigh months, we’re going to have two quotes this week.

First quote, courtesy of a recruitment consultant. I was on the telephone enquiring about an Internal Audit role. Admittedly I wasn’t too enthusiastic but needs must. Anyway, the consultant and I started grumbling about the clients’ who too frequently go to market for an auditor but are unclear about their requirements or have completely unrealistic expectations. Of course, once the client’s HR department gets involved, this muddies the waters even further as HR Administrators “often know nothing about nothing”.. Quite. And I think this was being kind.

Second quote. I was talking to a colleague at work recently who was complaining about their annual appraisal. Usual beef, not awarded top marks when these were due, etc. I mentioned that I had been described as ‘cynical’ in my appraisal to which my colleague replied “the opposite of cynical is naive, which would you rather be?”

Can’t say fairer than that…….


1. ITauditSecurity - May 7, 2011

Oh how I hate looking for work!

I haven’t had any Quotes of the Weak myself for quite some time. I just haven’t read or heard anything worth noting in that realm. Guess I’ll have to look and listen a little harder.

I’m glad to see you’re keeping your blog going! I put another plug for you on my blog in response to your comment regarding AuditNet. Good luck partner!

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