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Interview Woe – Part Deux June 5, 2011

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.
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I will admit I am flogging a topic to death but you have to laugh at the farcial, if not absurd questions Interviewers ask, otherwise one would cry.

I went for an interview for a contract position recently. Usual gig. They are having difficulty in recruiting a permanent auditor so have elected for employ a contractor. However, their local difficulty in sourcing an appropriately skilled auditor does not mean they will be less stringent in the interview process.

So, to set the scene, three Interviewers to grill an Interviewee for a six month contract. No other benefits except for the daily rate, which by the way, they hate paying; they want the work done but somehow always resent paying for it. Anyhow, some questions and some observations.

“What are the key risks our business faces?”
Fairly easy, just rattle off what is detailed in the Annual Report under Corporate Governance.

“Have you performed a claims audit? What were the recommendations?”
Oh please. Yes but you expect me to remember the detail from three to four years ago when I have cleared the memory banks and placed the garbage in the recycle bin. No option but to wing it.

“What do you do in your spare-time?”
I maintain a blog where I slag off the internal auditing profession as it is full of thicko’s. Admittedly not, but always best to mention something more stimulating than watching TV.

“What books have you read recently?”
I kid you not. Obviously got to avoid saying ‘Des Capital’ by Karl Marx and the ‘Socialist Worker’ newspaper.

So there you go. An another insight into the crazy world of Internal Auditing Interviewing. And before I forget, I was asked by a Recruitment Consultant on behalf of a client:

“Why have I contracting of late?”
Because no one would offer me a permanent job and I prefer a diet above and beyond soup and potatoes.

Of course, this begs a question of my own. If they, perspective employers ask you crap like this at pre-interview and interview, what the hell are they going to be like to work for? However, it does answer that other question as to why people hate auditors. Given this load of crap, wouldn’t you?


1. ITauditSecurity - June 5, 2011

Everyone hates auditors! Auditors hate being auditors! Well, sometimes anyway…

Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think you’re beating this to death. This is life, blood-dripping, painful gut spasm, gotta-do-it-anyway life, and I feel for you.

I just noticed that Life of an Auditor blog said that he/she (or more properly “it” as this person is big 4) has finally running out of big 4 rants, so all the blog will be is answering thoughtful questions (let me know how that works for ya). How can you run out of rants? He must be management now…

Here’s my point….as long as you have breath and are beaten with switches and suffer the life of an auditor, I say keep blogging!

Yeah, the crap was definitely thick and layered in that interview. I’d wonder too.

I am happy to report the last interview I went on was respectful, decent, and targeted to the job. I got the job and the people were as great as they were in the interview. But alas, only a contract.

So your point is well taken. Trod on, my friend!

2. A Cow in Willesden - June 6, 2011

““What do you do in your spare-time?”
I maintain a blog where I slag off the internal auditing profession as it is full of thicko’s. ”

Now that should get you an editorial in the weekend FT on its own. When i read that I spat my coke all over my computer screen, and the back of the dude in the white jacket stnading in front of me on the train. Because I laughed, you see. Not just multi-tasking.

3. ITmonkey101 - June 6, 2011

“What books have you read recently?” – thats a question and a half. Does the Argos catalogue and a dog-eared copy of Nuts win any points? What exactly are they interested in with that question, or had they just run out of things to discuss? Good grief!

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