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Browned Off June 28, 2011

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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Feeling really miserable today and I thought I’d share. As the three readers of the blog will know, I’m currently looking for a job. A bit of background, I was rejected from a job today and a very flimsy excuse was used. Reading between the lines, the employer opted for the less experienced and cheaper to hire candidate who was more malleable and wouldn’t upset the status quo too much.

Then I receive verbal notification from a Recruitment Consultant that my application for another role will not be progressed as I haven’t got sufficient experience for the position. Gee great. This begs the question, at what point will it be judged that I have sufficient experience? When I’m collecting my pension? What gets me it takes time to accrue experience, so what am I supposed to do, work for peanuts until I’m deemed to be competent? Our working lives are only finite after all.

What grates even more I’ve had my Director of Finance friend, Bermondsey Babe, and Biggins, my extravagant former manager, tell me I can’t expect the big money in this current employment market. A few points. One, I wouldn’t mind but they are both pulling in the big bucks. Second, it would appear I’m consigned to a life of purgatory, i.e. more ticking and bashing while I accrue more experience until one day I’m called forward from upon high. Third, I know that once management get you through the door, all the ‘promises’ made at interview rapidly disappear and it’s down to the individual to ‘propel’ themselves forward. In short I feel really repressed by it all.

Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

“Audit Monkey’s career rapidly goes down the pan…”


1. ITauditSecurity - July 7, 2011

Nice graphic. There’s no solid material in the photo, so that means you’re going to survive. Hang in there. It WILL happen. Best regards.

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