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Linkedin – Linkedoff July 3, 2011

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, The State of the British Nation, Working Life in Britain.

As some of you know, LinkedIn, is an online forum where like-minded professionals can connect and stay in contact. It’s a bit like a glorified version of Facebook. So far so good.  However, I’ve noticed some drawbacks which I thought I’d share.

1) Useless Contacts and Members

I’ve noticed that certain individuals place themselves on LinkedIn but from what I can see, I can’t see why they are bothering.  For example, I looked up an old contact via LinkedIn only to ‘discover’ that they had ‘progressed’ to the position of Junior Underwriter in a large insurance company.  I don’t wish to demonise ambition but I thought the whole purpose of LinkedIn was to develop business contacts with whom you are likely to do business with. All this rests on the proviso that you have a significantly senior position or an industry ‘mover and shaker’ to facilitate ‘business’. I can’t see that being a ‘simple cog’ in a bigger the wheel, or ‘worker bee’ isn’t going to be of relevance to anyone unless you are a fledgling superstar or future CEO.

2) People You Don’t Want to Say In Touch With

Everyone has no doubt worked with people with whom they would rather not stay in contact with. I’ve often left places of employment, not wishing to see any of my former colleagues ever again. The problem with all these social and business networking sites is that they dredge up the past when you want certain relationships would stay in the past. Unfortunately, I’ve had unwanted contacts re-establish contact. Although I was always cordial in the work place with these ‘individuals’, I had no wish to sustain lasting relationships. But of course, it becomes socially awkward to refuse an invitation unless you incredibly thick-skinned or couldn’t care less. 

3) Connecting with Friends and Current Boyfriends/Girlfriends

On the face of it, this wouldn’t be much of a problem but unfortunately on two fronts, this has developed into one.  Problem number one. A ‘friend’ is participating in, shall we say, a ‘charity event’ and wishes to be ‘sponsored’. I have been asked to donate via LinkedIn.  Although my friend has given up his time in a pursuit of a noble cause, I do find it an affront to be asked to give in this way.

Problem number two is another social faux pas, mixing business with pleasure. Somewhat foolishly I invited the now ex-girlfriend to be a contact via LinkedIn. Not that I mind staying in touch but what I do find rather intolerable is that now she has placed her portrait photo on LinkedIn. So every time I login, I get a constant visual reminder of her on my Homepage as she ‘connects’ to more and more people and groups. The words ‘salt, open wound’ spring to mind. Of course, such errors are best avoided.

Here ends part one. As a taster for part two, this will focus on ‘Cardinal Sinners on LinkedIn’. To be continued…



1. ITauditSecurity - July 7, 2011

Be thick-skinned and ignore invitations you don’t want to accept and get rid of the ex-girlfriend. It’s your account. I ignore invites frequently, especially from people I don’t know–just because we belong to the same group means nothing. I need connections with people I can call on when I need advice or help getting a job (or people I like and trust that might need my help).

In fact, the woman from the contract houses that has landed a couple jobs for me invited me to join her network and I still haven’t. The invite is 2 years old. It’s sitting there rotting (I clicked IGNORE).

She’s never even brought it up. If she did, I would just say, “I never accepted? Oh.” Most people don’t have the guts to bring it up once, much less twice. If they do bring it up twice, they are definitely not connection material (no class). Intelligent people take the kind hint.

2. Dave - September 21, 2011

Hi, like you I find linked in to be a mixed bag, and the real movers and shakers don’t spend a lot of time on it.

3. Dave - September 21, 2011

BTW, you might find this non-profit audit site http://www.internalauditanalytics.com to be worth a look

4. Audit Monkey - September 22, 2011

Dave – thanks for the reply. I’ve have another installment on Linkedin is pipeline but as you can probably tell, I’ve been a bit of a lazy sod and not posted for a while. I will be commenting on the UBS fraud, sorry, get rich quick scheme, corporate governance at News International, the dick heads who manage (I use the term loosely) the train lines in and out of London, Big 4 consultancy and generally taking the piss out of the IIA. This weekend looks good for some spleen venting.

PS I’ll have a look at the website in due course. Looks good from a glimpse at the home page.

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