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Good Week, Bad Week – You Decide. November 5, 2011

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.

Had a rather long week, I thought I would share. I’m not sure whether it’s been good or bad, so I’ll present the facts and let you, the reader decide. In no particular order:

* I’ve been hassled by aggressive poppy sellers literally haranguing me for not wearing a poppy. (What happened to the dignity and decorum associated with the Remembrance and the British Legion?)

* Had a scatty boss who has been hassling me all week via email, phone calls and visits in the guise of ‘managing the audit’ while I’ve been trying to ‘crank it out’.

* Been disturbed during the course of my work by recruitment consultants asking whether I want to apply for inappropriate jobs, my property managing agent trying to pass the buck to me to resolve a trivial Landlord – tenancy issue, which is not of my making or my responsibility and ‘friends’ wanting me to act as a go between to resolve squabbles.

* Had colleagues pester me wanting answers to audit review points for work which should have been completed months ago.

* Put up with London’s creaking transport while trying to get to work (along with the ubiquitous Friday morning commuters with oversized weekend luggage on the Tube).

* Contend with the continuous noise pollution from ‘jack hammers’ which seems to be ever perennial in the City; I do find this particularly jarring.

* Play the Russian roulette at lunch, trying to select a Sandwich Bar or Food Emporium which won’t give me BeriBeri, food poisoning or simply put, the runs.

* Been brain-washed into thinking I’m living in a Utopia as the ‘Daily Mail’ reports Brits are mitigating back to the UK from Oz as they find the Australian life-style ‘dull’. (You have got to be kidding me; have you seen how grey the weather is this weekend in London?)

* Realise I’ve got a shite social life and getting no love action and the possibility of having no job in November and the New Year is looming large. And to boot, my savings could evaporate due to the Greek default apocalypse.

So is life good or bad? I actually think I’ve taken things in my stride this week and come out the other side unscathed. The reason, I’ve decided to ignore everything which happens at work, other people’s problems and everything the Daily Mail prints. My secret, in the words of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding, “because to tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit”.


1. ITauditSecurity - November 6, 2011

Come now, if you didn’t give a shake, you wouldn’t write a post about it.

I think you should fight the beach bums, fight on the auditing grounds, fight in the fieldwork and under the streetlights. Never surrender.

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