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Olympic Overkill May 15, 2012

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation, Working Life in Britain.
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Today comes the news that Civil Servants [State Bureaucrats] will be allowed to work from home during the Olympics. Very nice too. Given the hyperbole about the Olympics, terrorist attacks, over crowding on public transport, heartache at mediocre British performances, former British Olympic champions with shaky pedigrees forging careers in sports journalism, I wish I could stay at home as well and put my head under the pillow.

However, it’s taken one contributor the Daily Mail to bring us down to earth. The contributor’s comments are reproduced here for reference.

“Same audience at the stadium as would be expected at a football match, does the City shut down for a football match? Fear not my millions and millions of fellow citizens who couldn’t give a stuff about the media game and political propaganda that is the Olympics, for it will soon be over, and we shall all be invoiced for the losses that it has made. The vast majority in this country couldn’t care less about a two week sports show. Let this be the very last time GB bids for such events. They are an unjustified waste of money, that has no beneficial effect for the rest of the nation beyond the immediate area where they are happening. The only reason folks will watch it on tv,is because it will be on every sodding channel 24/7 when it ought to be relegated to its own dedicated single tv channel”.

Just about sums it up. My sentiments entirely. Of course, being unemployed I need a restbite from Judge Judy, Jeremy Kyle and alike, so wall to wall Olympics TV gets my vote. Bring it on!


1. ITauditSecurity - May 17, 2012

Well, if your government workers are like some of our government workers, they won’t be doing any more work at home than they do at work….of course, that is also true in the private sector.

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