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A Recruitment Consultant Calls… May 23, 2012

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This encounter with a recruitment consultant is courtesy of one my regular readers. He works in Information Technology in Financial Services and his recent experience with a consultant is lovingly reproduced here. At least it saves me writing something coherent. Of course, the name of firm has been changed to protect the innocent. As a taster, the frustration with the low calibre of recruitment consultants has become a pandemic.

“This’ll make you laugh. I was in a meeting with an auditor (ironically!) all afternoon today and my mobile phone rings. I let it go to voicemail as I’m busy. Then it rings again. This time I mute it. Then it goes a third time so I pick up. Turns out it’s some agent calling me about a job. I tell him I’m in a meeting and he apologises profusely and says he’ll call me back.

When I get out of the meeting there’s an email from him that says “Your phone went to voicemail”. Like, duh! Leave a message then, don’t keep on hitting redial! And then a further email that he’d tried to recall. The recall didn’t work obviously and it turns out he was calling about a job which not only does not match my skill set, but that is at ACME Europe in a team a few desks away from me. I mean, honestly.. Do your homework, buddy!!”

You gotta laugh. Well, at least he had the courtesy to ring you back. I had two consultants canvass me in the past 48 hours and PROMISE to ring me back. Have they? Have they bugger.


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