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Mini Post – My Day At Work June 12, 2012

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, The State of the British Nation, Working Life in Britain.
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Some observations from my day at work.

1. Realised that the object of my desires, a young female, was not as pretty close up when I chatted to her in the lift. Another shattered dream.

2. Experienced first hand that clients don’t necessarily mind being ‘cold-called’ but it doesn’t help when the data in your call list isn’t clean or current. I’ve enjoyed calling insolvent firms, at least it’s saved me the bother of explaining who I am and why I’m calling. Another joy has been trying to talk to someone listed simply as ‘John’. I will let you decide the efficacy of this.

3. Had a former Boss remove their recommendation regarding my good self from LinkedIn. We had a disagreement recently but forgive me, how shallow do can you get by removing a recommendation for a former colleague! “Audit monkey was a good auditor but on second thoughts, I don’t like what he says so he can naff off!”

With all the unseasonal wet weather, my current lack of job security, it makes you want to stop the world and get off….


1. ITauditSecurity - June 14, 2012

Hang in there, brave monkey. Other people can try to put your down, but they can’t make you stay there. Stay on the world, and take another spin.

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