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Quote of the Week – W/E 14 September 2012 September 13, 2012

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.
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This week’s quote comes from my favourite source, a recruitment consultant. I say recruitment consultant in the loosest of terms. First a revelation. I’ve spent some time in a Big 4 accountancy firm. I wouldn’t say it was a bowl of cherries and that my colleagues’ cup runneth over.

Anyway, I was cold canvassed this week by a recruitment consultant who wanted to know “how Big 4 worked” and “who I reported to”.

To be fair, I can’t remember the consultant’s exact words as I had answered a load of inane questions regarding salary expectations, where I would and wouldn’t be prepared to work, etc. And yes, while I know these are important questions, you can’t exactly say ‘work from home’, ‘my front-room’, £150k per annum’.

You can guess how I reacted. “Foxtrot Oscar”, “Foxtrot Oscar”. If you don’t know how ‘Big 4 works’. when these firms are, essentially, the back bone of the finance industry, why should I tell you? Second, as anyone knows who has worked in the Big 4, while one may notionally report to the Partners, they don’t sully their hands with mundane HR matters such as recruitment. They don’t care. Anyone employed in the Big 4 is just a resource to be deployed to keep the clients happy, increase Partners drawings and waistlines. And no, I’m not going to give you names so you can call as they will not want to talk to you anyhow.

Maybe I’m getting old and grouchy but I don’t like novice recruitment consultants who are plain dumb ringing me up. Yes, I know you’ve got start somewhere but at least do your homework first.


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