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Quote of the Week WK/E 20 December 2012 December 20, 2012

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This week’s quote is a classic. Even I laughed when I read it! This comes courtesy of our journalist friends at the Daily Mail and the mother of Sarah Finch.

I know what you are thinking, ‘what has this got to do with auditing’? Nothing. However, Sarah Finch was sacked from her job at her local McDonalds for putting too much topping on a McFlurry which was prepared for a colleague. Sarah’s employers took exception to this and she was asked to leave.

Sarah didn’t take kindly to this as she thought it was a trifle unfair (geddit? trifle – McFlurry – nevermind) and took Mac’s to an Employment Tribunal. The nub of Sarah’s argument was “There is no standard for such measures – they are always imprecise and will vary among customers”. Mac’s didn’t have a leg to stand on and settled out of court.

A few observations.

* This case was beautifully argued; the lack of standard measures – you couldn’t refute that one easily.

* The defendant wasn’t Mac’s, the Corporate Giant but a franchisee. I would imagine that ’employee lunches’ is a grey area (or a moving feast!) as employees would probably gorge themselves with numerous Big Macs and those Apple Tart things. I certainly would! A franchisee would probably be watching the bottom line rather than the waist line.

* I thought the whole point at working at Mac’s was to experiment with the food and build non standard burgers; triple Big Mac anyone?

You can see that I have some enthusiasm for Mac’s. It’s not so much the food but the money. I’ve dreamt of being a franchisee as given the UK’s obesity problem, there’s no end of lemmings who wish to have burger and fries for lunch and dinner, day in, day out. Money for old rope. This said, a franchise costs over £250,000 and it a long haul, 25 years. Can you imagine the CV, ‘sold burgers for 25 years….’ Quite.

Anyhow, you are waiting for the quote. And here it is. Her mother, accountant Tessa Finch, said:

We’ve been instructed not to say anything and I have to stand by that. But we had them firmly by the knackers and they had to pay up.”

I think that’s what you call a result! I couldn’t have put it better myself! To end, all I can say is Tessa Finch, you’re a star! If only all accountants were like you, the profession would be flying.

The a relevant link is here as the Daily Mail have edited their web page.


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