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Dealing With Idiots – Recruitment Grief August 15, 2013

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, The State of the British Nation.

At the start of July, I was canvassed about a contract opportunity. I was happy to proceed. About a week later, after hearing nothing, I followed up with the Recruitment Consultant to confirm that I had been unsuccessful. The feedback from the ‘portal’ was that ‘I didn’t have enough experience of XYZ to fit into the team’. I found this a trifle odd as I thought I had.

Fast forward to Friday 9th August and I was canvassed by a second agency for the same vacancy. According to Consultant Two, they’ed sent CV’s across and they were all rejected. Needless to say, I couldn’t proceed as I had been rejected. Fast forward to Monday the 12th August, I received another call from a third agency regarding the same vacancy. In short, the client firm has cast their net far and wide across London and Recruiters were calling me in the belief that I had the prerequisite skills.

Some observations. For a vacancy to be open for over six weeks shows that either:

* the client has not spec’ed the job properly and recruiters can not present appropriate candidates
* HR are doing the pre-sift and discounting everyone
* HR or Internal Audit Manager have not got a clue who or what they want. Alternatively they aren’t articulating it properly

Not liking mysteries, I called the client firm to find out, because basically, everyone’s’ time is being wasted, recruiters and mine. Eventually I spoke to the number two in Audit. Rough outline of the conversation:

AM: “My name is Audit Monkey. I applied for a role at your firm but was unsuccessful. I continue to be canvassed by other Recruiters for this role. Would you be so kind to detail why I was unsuccessful”.

Client: “Not sure I can do that. We told HR what we wanted and HR should feedback to your Agency”.

AM: “That’s all very well but the feedback was insufficient. Can you tell me?”

Client: “There is a process and I must go through HR”.

AM: “As an Internal Auditor, as you know, you can have all the processes you want but all I want is some feedback as to why I was unsuccessful. Something is clearly wrong if CV’s are being rejected and multiple agencies are being used. In this sector, there are only a finite number of candidates. Either the role hasn’t been properly defined or you or HR aren’t communicating the requirements properly”.

Client: “There was a job specification”.

AM: “I’m aware of that – let’s work the reverse. What did you want exactly? Did you want 3 years specific experience of XYZ?”

Client: “I can’t tell you. I need to speak to HR to see if I can tell you”.

AM sensing that I’m onto a loser, rings off gracefully.

So is it me or them? You tell me.


1. itmonkey101 - August 15, 2013

Trying to fob an auditor off by hiding behind a process? lol!

ITauditSecurity - August 16, 2013

Drat, lost the #1 spot. Anyway, I’ve had a similar experience. I had a phone interview with the manager with agency 1, was rejected. One month later, was interviewed on the phone again by the manager for the same position (they must have fired the person hired a month previously), got a face interview with the team lead, and hired onto the contract, but at a lower salary than quoted by agency 1.

It ended up being the worst contract of my life. The manager was fired 4 weeks into the contract. I finished the contract 10 months later, and the lead was hired as the manager.

The lead was almost as bad as the manager. We went through at least 15 auditors in 10 months, and I was the only one from my agency to survive all 10 months. Many others were fired.

It’s not you, Audit Monkey.

2. Audit Monkey - August 26, 2013

I have found this with some contracts. It’s a pig in a poke but you have to see it out. Not easy and an experience I don’t wish to repeat, hence detailed questions at interview.

ITauditSecurity - September 8, 2013

Too bad I didn’t get in the first time. That firm was going to pay me $5 more an hour.

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