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Inexperienced Recruitment Consultants – Part II November 12, 2013

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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This is a ‘vent post’. I was on the phone today pursuing a role and it was clear that the recruitment consultant had pigeon holed me as an internal auditor and wasn’t interested in representing me for other roles. In case you ask, on this occasion, it was a compliance role. To my mind, this stemmed from the consultant’s ignorance about my prior work experience, which has included reg work. (Yes, I know I’ve moaned and groaned about excessive regulation and compliance staff but needs must and this is where the market is going.) The age-old problem is that consultants only want to represent only those candidates with the complete skill set and are reluctant to be seen to representing candidates who might be unskilled or slightly under qualified. Alternatively they can’t be bothered to do the hard sell!

This said, when I read the relevant job specification for the role, the client wanted bells and whistles. If they get it, well done but I would be surprised. Anyway, vent over; I’m off to reinvent myself as a reg expert.


1. ITauditSecurity - November 15, 2013

Wait, aren’t most of your posts ‘vent posts’?

Yeah, it’s frustrating. Employers want the exact person they ask for, and of course, no one could fit the exact requirements, and if they did, the employer wouldn’t pay them appropriately.

Employers seem like they’d rather leave the position empty for a long time rather than get a 80% match who could do most of the job NOW and grow into the rest.

How do most companies stay in business with philosophies like that? I’ll never understand how companies make money in spite of themselves.

2. Audit Monkey - November 16, 2013

Actually, some of my posts are supposed to provide an industry perspective on matters, e.g. foreign currency mortgages, and the practicalities of managing these. This said, I have veered off into employment of late as this seems to be headlining.

In reply to your comment, with some of these roles, the employer wants a ‘rain-maker’ who is going to grow the business (not an easy task), rather than someone who can simply do the 9 to 5. Certainly this is the case with the upper echelons of the main accountancy firms. On this occasion, this is what the employer was after.

ITauditSecurity - November 22, 2013

I was just kidding about the rant posts. But I do enjoy them!

3. Audit Monkey - November 22, 2013

I reply I should have used ‘trending’ rather than ‘headlining’ in my comment above.

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