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Quote of the Week – WK/E 6 December 2013 December 7, 2013

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit, Working Life in Britain.
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This week’s quote is courtesy of Audit Monkey’s mother. (Yeah, I know, middle aged man tells his mother about his problems finding employment but we digress.)

In the past fortnight, I’ve been approached by 4 recruitment consultants regarding Internal Audit roles at a Big 4 firm. Unfortunately I was unable to progress these ‘opportunities’. However one conversation with a recruiter was particularly worrying.

Recruiter: “I’ve a position in the Internal Audit Team at Big 4. Are you interested.”

AM (Audit Monkey): “Well yes; which Team?”

Recruiter: “The Internal Audit Team.”

AM: “I know, but they are big teams; investment banking team, retail banking team…”.

Recruiter: “Oh. It’s the banking team and external audit”.

AM, trying to be as diplomatic as possible: “Well as I don’t have much external audit experience this might be a non-starter”.

Pointing out the obvious, the recruiter didn’t know the difference between internal and external audit, and has no comprehension of the client for whom they were recruiting for. It’s very frustrating to say the least.

I recounted the story back to Mother. In ‘wise old owl mode’ she stated,”you are dealing with idiots who are trying to get non-idiots jobs”. Quite.


1. ITauditSecurity - December 8, 2013

When you start quoting your mom, you’re in deep waters, friend. But funny nonetheless. What will you write about once you’re employed again?

Audit Monkey - December 8, 2013

Indeed, deep water. Difficult to say. As my readers know, my love affair with auditing is well and truly over, especially after one recent interview where I was given the 3rd degree. I suppose I should comment on that and the guff the IIA have been coming out with.

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