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Quote of the Week – WK/E 13/12/13 December 21, 2013

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Indeed, a belated post for Friday the 13th. Anyway, I’m going to share little secret, I’ve been working. Well, it had to happen sometime. However, it hasn’t been an easy ride. I’ve had to present original documents to my prospective employer. The list was endless, passport, utility bill, qualifications as well as providing proof that I’ve been unemployed and consent to a criminal records and credit check. Needless to say, it drove me to distraction and if I didn’t provide the documents or consent to the checks, I wasn’t starting.

Of course, I know what you, the reader, is thinking. ‘Audit Monkey – you know the gig, you need to produce documents to prove or tick the box that you have the right to work in UK and fit and proper’. I am fully aware of this but complying with the regs is time-consuming for all parties concerned and expensive. In short, it’s a lot of red tape.

After my first day of work, I retired to my local bar for a couple, sorry, several beers. In conversation with one of the regulars, I recounted the story above. The Regular commented:

“You can’t get a job because of the rules”.

Admittedly the quote may be slightly skew whiff but at least the sentiment is there.


1. ITauditSecurity - December 21, 2013

Congrats, my fellow monkey!
Yeah, I hate all paperwork. A utility bill? Never heard that one before. What’s behind that? Proof of address? An ID isn’t sufficient?

Drinking already after the first day? Wow? Sounds like a great job that should produce many posts to come!

2. Audit Monkey - December 21, 2013

Welcome to the world of regulation that exists in the UK. The words you are looking for Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. Anyway, employers have to check that prospective employees are who they say they are. The utility bill is used by the Credit Reference Agencies to cross reference the individual to agency’s records own records as well as for criminal record checks. The utility bill has be recent, within 3 months.

To get political, the government has lost control of immigration in the UK, and hence, everyone is checked by employers. Part of the check is to prevent money laundering by nefarious individuals who are subsequently employed, especially banks and financial institutions. I will ignore the fact that the US Authorities seem to enjoy dishing out fines to British banks for money laundering or holding funds for countries from the ‘Axis of Evil’. It’s a well known fact that most despots have their funds lurking somewhere in the banking system, including the US of A. I think you could call this ironic.

3. ITauditSecurity - December 22, 2013

Yes, Monkey, it is ironic. And pitiful.
In the US, skilled labor is checked. But unskilled labor can be hired with a wink and paid under the table. Does that happen much in the UK?
It’s ironic that a US citizen has more trouble getting into Mexico than vice versa.I think most Americans welcome all comers, provided that they come in legally, work to pay their way, and aren’t criminals.

Regardless, I’m happy for you and can’t wait for the fodder the new job produces! Stupidity reigns supreme everywhere!

Audit Monkey - December 23, 2013

The black economy does exist in the UK, i.e. cash in hand for work and paying illegal workers below minimum wage for jobs in construction. There’s a big with individuals from emerging economies ‘working’, (often in illegal activity such as prostitution) having been trafficked into the country and forced into debt bondage. The Authorities, our good friends the Police, are aware but like all these things, are either unresourced, can’t be bothered to act, going for the low picking fruit, too busy elsewhere or say it isn’t their responsibility.

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