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Rotten, Absolutely Rotten February 3, 2014

Posted by Audit Monkey in The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.
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I owe my readers an apology for not blogging in January. Strangely it hasn’t been for the lack of material, far from it. I thought I had seen it all but I’ve learnt another lesson in January which can make your auditing job hell, it’s your supervisor.

Let me explain, and put some context around this. I’ve been doing Internal Audit for nearly 15 years. And do you know what, I know what I’m doing, more or less. So, there is no need to treat me with kid gloves and be condescending into the bargain? Probably not. Just tell me what you want. But what do I get? I get a supervisor who wants me to use my ‘professional judgement’ with regard to sample sizes and testing but doesn’t give me a steer as to what they want in terms of audit output.

And do you know why? Because they have an agenda in terms of what they want to find but don’t want to share it. The former is actually a trait of a good auditor, zooming in on the core issues and designing audit procedures to illicit the relevant findings but it would be nice to share the audit strategy with your colleagues. Then I was on the receiving end of a load of flak about why is it taking so long….doh!

So why else has it been a rotten January? Easy, sh1t work (see above), sh1tty friends in South London, rude bar staff in the local pubs, and relatives who are being increasing flaky. No joy on the ‘love front’ either. My it’s grim and we’re going into February when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


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