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Quote of the Week – 14 February 2014 February 14, 2014

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As some of my more astute readers will know, one of the original premises of the blog was to share my dating experiences.  Anyway, I’ve been on the dating circuit of late and I’ve received some texts and emails from some dates and I’m not quite sure whether it’s love.  Could you, the reader, decipher the hidden meaning and point me in the right direction?

First up, Sonal from Arnos Grove.

“Let’s leave it for the moment as not really in the mood for dating”.

“Not interested anymore, sorry”.

“I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same about us and don’t think we have much in common”.

“Happy to be friends but afraid I do not feel a romantic connection exists on a mutual level”.

“Please don’t phone or message me, please it’s for the better”.

“It’s definitely over and would not work so let’s not waste each others time”.

“I am very sorry but currently making the same mistake as before which is not following my gut feeling and trying to make something work that frankly flowing as I would like it to – this is leading to constant changes in my mind and is definitely not fair on you and so in consideration of both our feelings it is better we draw closure to this episode – I sincerely wish you well in your future and need to figure out mine”.

I received all those texts within 48 hours; I’m not quite sure if Cupid got his aim right.  Perhaps I’m a slow learner as Sonal felt the need to reiterate her feelings several times.

Next up, Rebecca from Surrey.

“Really sorry but I’m going to pull out [of meeting tomorrow night]. An old friend showed up today at work as they are on a course and want to catch up”.

Mmn. Maybe an unexpected visitor has derailed the love train.


Next up, Joanna from East Molesey.

“It was nice to meet you on Saturday. I enjoyed our conversation, but sadly the chemistry just wasn’t there for me. I’m afraid, I’m therefore going to turn down your kind offer of dinner on Saturday. Thanks anyway for a nice evening”.

That’s considerate, it’s always difficult getting a table down the local Indian.  In truth, Joanna suggested dinner, not I.  Did I tell my dates that I’m Auditor? I can’t remember but I’m sure it ain’t a USP!


That’s right, whose the Love Monkey?!!  It sure ain’t me…enough already.

With thanks to the Lloyds Bank staff at the Moorgate Branch for their kindness on the 14/02/14. There was no need for your hospitality but I was taken aback; generosity is such a rare commodity in today’s day and age. In addition, with thanks to the staff at Cards Galore, Cheapside, London. Whoever said love is dead clearly lied!


1. ITauditSecurity - February 17, 2014

Wow, you’ve been busy. I assume these gals don’t read your blog.

Understanding Rebecca’s reply depends on how well you know her. If you just met her, I’d say it’s a brushoff.

I would not mention you’re an auditor to a date unless you don’t see a future….

2. Audit Monkey - February 17, 2014

There was nothing to figure out, they are all ‘No’s!

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