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Welcome To London September 17, 2014

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.
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As some of my avid readers know, I will sometimes deviate off-topic and comment on other matters such as the state of British industry, British politics and the British way of life. Anyway, on tonight’s long-winded journey home, an advert in the London Evening Standard caught my eye; it declared that this year’s New Year Eve fireworks along the Thames will be a chargeable event. That’s right, you will be charged for the privilege of watching the fireworks along the south and north bank of the Thames by the London Eye and County Hall.

It’s pretty sad really. I always thought it was a nice event; a few free fireworks with friends and family to welcome the New Year. But no, it’s now going to cost you. I suppose it’s the old fasioned British class system coming to the fore; those who can afford it, will enjoy it and those who can’t, can sod off and put up with inferior conditions and a second-rate view. But what gets me, everyone seems to think London’s a great place to visit and live. Are you sure? It’s expensive, cramped, crowded and home to the congestion charge. I haven’t got a lot more to say but the odd municipal event ‘greases the wheels’ so to speak. It detracts from the mundane and hum-drum but even one, simple, annual pleasure is being corrupted.


1. ITauditSecurity - September 20, 2014

Not sure how they plan on enforcing that. Fireworks usually go pretty high. But what do I know about London, right?

2. Audit Monkey - September 20, 2014

They will fence off the areas on the south and north bank which are the best viewing areas. No ticket, no entry. Anyway, I plan be anywhere but London for this year’s new years.

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