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Quote of the Week 21/11/14 November 22, 2014

Posted by Audit Monkey in Quote of the Week, The Joy & Pain of Internal Audit.
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We haven’t had a quote of the week for sometime, so one is long overdue. As a reminder, quote of the week is a remark made during the course of the working week which was either utterly banal or utterly amusing. There is some loose connection with auditing.

This week’s gem comes from Audit Monkey’s father. (My mother has popped up in the blog and it seems only fair my father gets a look in.) I’ve been up country this week to a city which I haven’t visited before. (That’s a slight white lie; I was there a few weeks back for a fleeting visit and assumed (yes, fatal audit error) thought I’d never go back but still.) The over use of brackets aside, my father and I were comparing notes on life up north. For those in the know, there are regional variations across the country; Londoner’s tend to be more sophisticated and wealthier than their counterparts in other cities. Often Londoner’s can come across as pretentious as everyone is desperate to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ in terms of material wealth while those up north, e.g. Mancunians, are more down to earth and say it how it is.

On discussing the unnamed Northern city I was in this week with father, he asked:

“where there any nice women there or were they all dogs?!!”

I know, terribly incorrect and improper; it was meant in a ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’ type way, so please don’t be offended. Yet this raises an interesting question or debate about male-female behaviours and relationships while auditing. Let me explain; I’ve met some very attractive women while auditing and thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have a date with this person’. However, this has always been a temporary blip as I follow two golden rules at work:

– ‘never mix business with pleasure’ and,
– ‘keep your private life outside of the office’.

The former prevents any loss of objectivity or neutrality while auditing and the very real accusation of harassment. The latter also saves you exchanging personal information with colleagues which usually results in me hearing about their children, the state of their health, their love-life (often exaggerated or lacking), the in-laws, the cat, etc, the list goes on. In short, it’s dreadfully dreary and I don’t want to know.

So I would be interested to know how any other auditors have encountered any issues or tensions in the area. Interestingly, in recent weeks I have met some really nice people during the course of an audit, and for once, it’s been hard to come down on them and report the issues to management. However, it was left to my mother to have the last word on this; “you don’t know them and they don’t know you; you owe them nothing”. Quite.


1. ITauditSecurity - November 25, 2014

Can’t say I’ve ever had this problem, especially since “all auditors are useless and IT auditors especially are nerds”.

Have you considered that these “nice people” were cozying up to you so that you wouldn’t report their issues? It happens in every other profession….

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