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More Recruitment Woe April 14, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in Working Life in Britain.
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I don’t mind going to interviews when there is a reasonable opportunity to be offered the role and I’m not going to be the victim of class, nepotism or favouritism towards the internal candidate. Oddly, I’m completely honest with my curriculum vitae as I don’t wish to be offered the job, accept and placed into an awkward situation where I am unable to perform the role.  Also it saves a lot of faffing about travelling to interviews, being asked repetitive questions, etc.

So when you are interviewed by an employer, one would hope that they have had the opportunity and time to review the candidates’ resumes and draw appropriate conclusions as to who would be the most appropriate individuals to be invited to interview.  By analogy, I wouldn’t expect to be hired to build a nuclear power plant on the basis that I’ve heard and read about Chernobyl.

Well, we seem to have had a melt-down today.  The employer clearly wanted a technical specialist with specific industry knowledge to bridge a gap.  Sadly I was unable to fill the hole but surely close inspection of my curriculum vitae would have revealed this?  I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even get asked the infamous ‘strengthens and weaknesses’ question…