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General Election Night Blog – As It Happens May 6, 2010

Posted by Audit Monkey in The State of the British Nation.
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Since we are on the verge of a defining moment in British politics, Audit Monkey will be blogging into the early hours or as long as he lasts on the General Election as it happens.

Midnight. Looking at my schedule for this evening’s events, the next pivotal event will be Birmingham Edgbaston. Time for 40 winks!

23.56 The Polling Station fiasco is the main topic of conversation at present. On face value, as the General Election has occurred during University term time, this has swelled the numbers voting at certain Polling Stations than would usually be the norm. Legal challenges could be in the offering is the results are close in these constituencies. We shall see.

23.40 Sunderland Central Court declaring, Labour hold. Digressing, a sit in at a Hackney count has been dispersed. A change in Met Police tactics from kettling then?

23.33 The analysts have reviewed the Washington result. Despite the Labour hold, a big underlying swing from Labour to Conservative.

23.26 Not alot to comment on at the moment. Labour hold Washington & Sunderland West. Quelle surprise.

23.18 The Beeb have just got hold of Ester Rantzen in Luton. Just switched to ITV to catch Ann Widdecombe saying that the Exit Polls “smell wrong”. Even Alastair Stewart is taken aback at this psephological insight.

23.17 If you were wondering, I’m not biased towards the BBC’s coverage, honest, but Sky just had Ester Rantzen being interview. You have to credit me with some taste.

23.16 Magical insight from Dom Jolly. Where is Lembit Opik? Have the Lib Dems hidden him?

23.10 A lull in proceedings. Old Dimbleby on the Beeb saying that people being unable to vote is “a disgrace…third world politics…there should be an investigation…they should have got out of bed earlier”. I love the train of thought.

23.00 A quick interview with a Ulster Unionist on the Beeb on a deal with the Conservatives. The Unionists have gone for the ‘cross my palm with silver approach’; subsidise Northern Ireland and it’s game on…

22.53 Houghton & Sunderland in. Labour Hold. The New Labour MP went to Oxbridge, how very working class.

22.49 Isn’t that typically British – the counts will take longer than usual as ballot papers for local elections have been placed in the same ballot boxes as the General Election, so have to be separated. Wouldn’t separate boxes for the different elections be easier?

22.37 More chat on the Hung Parliament and changing the electoral system. As Paxo notes, the results of the General Elections over the past 40 years would have been different. Can’t believe the hypocrisy and the front of Alan Johnson saying First Past the Post doesn’t provide ‘effective government’. You can say that again!

22.32 Bad news from Sunderland South. The record is in doubt as there has been a large turnout! Reports of voters being turned away from Polling Stations abound.

22.30 Mandelson has said that ‘First Past the Post’ is “on it’s last legs”. News to me! Sounds like a deal in the offering with the Liberals if push comes to shove. However, the maths from the Exit Polls suggest Lib & Lab 314 against 307 Conservative.

22.26 – Amusing start. Jeremy Paxman (Paxo) on the BBC has described himself as being on the ‘Naughty Step’ being in the Gods in the BeeB Studio. Much speculation about the Hung Parliament and talk of a Lib-Lab pact. The race is on in Houghton & Sunderland South to be the first constituency to declare. Twelve minutes to go if they are going to get the record.